Nudist Community = Family


We are well settled into our home now and getting to know our new community better. I didn’t realize it until this past weekend but these people are our new family.

Let’s face it, we are social animals. And when we are introduced into a new ‘pack’, so to speak, we find out quickly who we can depend on.

Now, what is MOST interesting about this new family, is that it is an extended family. It includes, not just the full time residents that live here, but also people that visit frequently (and sometimes not so frequently).

We have been members of this nudist park for six years now. And for the first five years, we met and made friends with tons of people from all over the world. Yet, a few of them are here a lot more often than the others and we consider them our friends.

Through the years we have shared with them-new loves, deaths, health issues and economic woes. We have laughed and cried together. We’ve see their children grow each year and wonder how they got so tall over the winter. We compare new scars and inquire about ill parents.

And every once in a while, these friends end up in the hospital. That happened about a month ago, to a dear friend of ours. This past weekend, she was back. And this ENTIRE community (those that live here and those that don’t), embraced this woman with open arms.

Every time we saw her, she was surrounded by people checking in on her. She was laughing and hugging everyone. Friends told her how much she was missed and meant it. You could see it in their eyes. This wasn’t just a show. It was for real. They really cared about her and what she went through.

It was very touching. And you know what? Everyone was nude and it didn’t make any difference. That might surprise folks that don’t ‘get’ social nudism. They think we are all having sex in the middle of the pool and swapping partners. Bull Hockey! We are a real community and we are a family. Get to know us. You just might learn something about yourself.


3 responses to “Nudist Community = Family

  1. Great to hear how close, friendly, and caring everyone is. Such bonds are pretty rare in the textile world.


  2. I really like to hear this kind of thing. Wish I was there it sounds like the kind of place I would really like to experience. I’m older now and looking for a better place to be. Naked and natural is the best way to live and doing it with friends that are true friends is even better. All the best and thanks for the post.

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